Hijab and Politics, Khamenei’s confession of weakness

Iranian supreme leader had a special speech on women’s day. By calling the achievements of opposition groups as trivial, he showed a green light for law enforcement to crackdown any protest against mandatory Hijab!

Considering his influence and large number of powerful adherents, we can expect that defying compulsory Hijab campaign comes to an end in Iran. But at the same time during his speech, he has confessed his weakness clearer as ever. He told that intellectuals who are trying to justify optional Hijab within political and religious themes makes him worried and sensitive.

The fact that Iranian supreme leader expressed that he is not worried about all the investments and efforts by “enemies”; -as he portrayed their actions as direct war against Islamic values in a majority Shia Muslim country- because defying norms and traditions, help hardliners to achieve more support and votes by the people. On the other hand, he clearly mentioned that what makes him sensitive is the clerics and intellectuals that propose different opinions about Islam. While Khamenei have made an attractive speech to unify different parties inside Iran, but in the other hand, he has shown lack of perception of basics of freedom in Islam. Those who are trying to say religion itself gave the freedom to people to choose what to wear in public, have been in Khamenei’s main target in this discourse.

This article tries to open up the position and arguments of hardliners in favor of compulsory Hijab by a full translation of Khamenei’s speech and exposes his main flaws and tries to explain why opposition parties projects are doomed to fail in Iran and what should be considered to use opportunities like this, not just to overcome the regime in matter of compulsory Hijab but even in delegitimizing Ayatollah’s dictatorship over people by the name GOD.

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