No to mandatory Hijab, The successive solution

The law that forced Iranian woman to wear Hijab has came been taken place in 1982 three years after Islamic revolution and had its hypes in different moments. Until up now, which the movement started in Iran to defy mandatory hijab after a long time!

In this article, I’ve tried to explain, how can we push toward any political success rather than rushing anger and hopelessness.

If we want to oppose about the inside laws of Iran with opposition perspective, it would be doomed to failure. That’s why the role of intellectuals and even clerics to write and encourage removal of this law is very important. Not in a overthrowing manner, but rather soft and religious debates.

For example as this article explains, the verse of Quran for Hijab is exactly in opposition to mandatory hijab. It has signified that “Tell your wives and daughters and women of fidels to rise their scarfs to be known (for modesty) and not to be harassed or annoyed. So while the goal of hijab is protecting women from harassment, we seen our government oppress and harasses women in order to wear hijab. Completely in contrary with the goal of Quran. So I suggested the intellectuals and students try to use what they seen as their agenda or manifest to oppose the current law in Hijab in Iran.

Read the article in Farsi here.

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